Sunday, April 29, 2012

Emma Grace Johnson!!

We finally have our daughter's full name and I am very excited!! About three months ago I choose her forst name was wanting her spelling Ema because that is the original Spanish version, but came to realize that she will be correcting people on how to spell her name so we ended up going with Emma. I also like Emma because it has four letters like Luke's name and Emma are the 1st four letters of my brothers's name Emmanuel which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful name I know. As far as middle names James and I kept disagreeing on everything! we went from "Ema Ree", "Ema Jane", "Ema Pax" and even "Ema something I can't even remeber but it sounded real! Yester day before work I went to get me a biscut at Mcdonnalds and here lately out of no where I turn the station to jspj and the song Amazing grace was on. As I sat in my car after getting back from Mcdonnalds I teared up and thought how gracious my God has been through this journey of being a mom. I also was thinking of all of my babies and then went on with my day. As I am drving to work it hit me!! Grace!! Emma Grace!! I almost called my husband but decided to wait until I see him to see his honest reaction. After work I told him what happened that morning and I like Emma Grace and he said YES!! Finally we both agree on her name!! Just feel so happy about having her full name :)


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