Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baby Shower #1

Friday April 27, 2012 my friend and co worker Susie is throwing a work baby shower at the office after work and I can't beleive I am going to say this but I am really excited!!

After loosing Luke right before we started planing his baby shower and after loosing Faith I had never been much of a baby shower fan. I am also the type of person that I do not like being the center of attention not even at my own birthday party so I tought having a baby shower would be torture for me.

Since I have a different view and I am in a different place after loosing my three precious angels I can not wait to gather with people I care about and are my second family to celebrate our daughter. I often every now and then fear things like " what if we have a baby shower and then the Lord decided to take our daughter to heaven?" Well if he does I still want to enjoy my princess and create great memories with her and my loved ones.

Also I have learned through tough times that when someone that loves you and wants to do something for you let them! I am stubborn and I try prevent others from doing things for me. Susie Garza is a great friend that I know from work and that I love dearly. She has been very excited since I got pregnant with Faith then we lost that baby and then got pregnant again with our baby girl! Susie is like an older sister to me and now she is like Emma's auntie :)

I can't wait till tomorrow and eat the cake I think is the thing I am mostly excited about the baby shower. I mean really this party is all for my princess and all there is in it for me is the cake :0


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