Friday, January 6, 2012

14 Weeks with baby #4

I have been keeping a secret that James and I are expecting blessing # 4 for obvious reasons. I actually had asked James if we could keep it a secret until hopefully with God's will I was in labour but is very unrealistic.
We went from loosing our third baby to being excited about seeing a specialist to begin testing to get some answers and a month later baby #4 was i the picture.
We did get the blood work back from the both of us and everything came back good but I can not continue further testing until I am no longer pregnant.
It has been pretty crazy 14 weeks!! I have been sleeping most of the time and more sleeping. Oh! also I have been going to the doctor every week for an ultrasound and blood work.
Three weeks ago I went back to my regular Ob and we discussed putting me on progesterone shots at 16 weeks all the way to 36 weeks. My ob mentioned that insurance companies never want to pay for them but that she was going to do her best to fight with them.
Today a nurse from my insurance company called me to let me know that it was approved!!! I have to pay my prescription co pay or my regular co pay. She also said that she was going to be checking on my every two weeks until I get to 20 weeks and then weekly after that. She was very nice and even offered to come to my house after I am 20 weeks to help prevent falls since I live in the 2nd floor apartment loft.
I really didn't think the insurance will approve for someone to come out and administer the shots and pay for them as well. The shots are retail price without insurance $1,000 so I can see why they would not want to pay $4,000 a month for me, but thanks to my amazing Lord and my doctor's office that they we got them approved!!
This week has been a week of nothing but blessing after blessing.
I often find myself being aware that even tough everything is going well so far nothing is guaranteed and that once again God is in control.
I try my hardest to enjoy each week and each milestone to the max and thank God for each week I get with my peanut. God knows what is the plan for this blessing and I am ok with what he has in store for us. As I type this is really hard to digest it...I know I trust God and I know he loves me like no one else does but yet I know he has chose me to be a mom in a very different way that I would of never choose myself.
For now I am here at 14 weeks with a little more energy to write and document this journey and praying that this journey has a happy ending :)