Meet my Family

This is me Merle! I was born in Tampico Tamaulipas Mexico in 1982 and came to the USA at the age of 11 years old. So pretty much more than half of my entire life has taken place here in Houston Texas. I love Mexico and I am proud of where I come from but I have learned to love America like my own. My parents gave me a great opportunity to grow up in this wonderful place :)

This is my better half James!! My wonderful husband is an East Texas Him and I relocated to Houston back in 1994, which makes me think we were meant to be. He is the most amazing, sensitive, and understanding man I have ever met. I don't know of anyone else that
loves me like he does.

Hope was our first surprise and our baby was miscarried at 12 weeks on October 30, 2009.


Luke Noe Johnson our first born. Luke was born sleeping on July 26, 2010 at 8:25 AM.

We recently lost our third baby Faith through a miscarriage on September 02, 2011.

This is my first four legged son Hercules!!! he is the sweetest dog ever and I am serious, he has my personality. He is passive, loving, compassionate, and loyal little pup. He is a dog that does not bite! He is a social butterfly. He loves people, kids, and other pets. I always envision him playing and chasing Hope and Luke.

This is Noelle my four legged daughter! She is the opposite of Hercules...She is driven,
crazy, hyper active, and thinks that her looks can buy love. Which she is right James and I tend to give in because she is a cutie pie. Her deep black eyes are so intense that are hard to resist. She likes people because she likes the attention. She likes Hercules only and she gets jealous of children because she feels like they are cutter that her and that does not happen in her world.

This our new addition to our family my lovely Pia! She is a rescued dog from the Houston Poodle rescue. She is a labradoodle and is sweet as can be but a definite talker. When I reprimand her she talks back! I'm putting her in check tough because is she is the youngest of the bunch but the tallest of all and heavier with 23 lb on her little tail.