Faith is our third baby that came unexpectedly to our lives 11 months after we lost our son Luke. After 10 weeks we found out that baby Faith was going to heaven to meet Jesus, Hope and Luke. This came to me with no surprise but it hit my husband pretty hard. I have really no words to describe how I feel so much peace in my heart and although my little angel was gone too soon she has taught me so much. I really thought that after loosing two babies I had already learned what I needed to lean about grief and pain, oh boy I was wrong.
Faith has brought more joy and happiness in to my heart that sometimes I feel my heart is going to explode!! I feel the joy to know that she is in heaven in such amazing place and I know I will meet all of my babies one day. I also have leaned from my beautiful Faith that I need to enjoy every single moment of happiness I get. Nothing is guaranteed in this life and happy moments come and go so you better enjoy them while you can :)
Faith has shown me God's grace even more and how merciful he has been. I know my God in a different level than before. I thank God for the opportunity of having the gift of motherhood and the chance to have Faith for the 12 weeks I had her.