Saturday, November 5, 2011

Testings on hold

James and I went to an infertility doctor a couple weeks ago to see if there are any testing out there to help us for future pregnancies.
The appointment went great we really liked Dr. Griffith he explain there is a seven step testing. He mentioned that 70% of the time he is able to find something.
The first step was tons of blood work from me and one little tube of blood from James that's it! After that I was suppose to call Dr. Griffith and let him know the 1st day of my period to proceed with further testing.
I have been a little stressed out about having the procedure done and aslsoJames has been out of a job.
I was schedule to star my period on October 31 and I didn't which no big deal because I was having menstrual cramps so I thought. Two days went by and nothing but I figured that it was stress plus I just had a miscarriage and I figured my body is still trying to go back to normal but NOPE! I am pregnant once again... When I saw the two lines I started to cry like a baby. I couldn't stop sobbing and eventually my husband found me in the restroom with a pregnancy test in my hand crying like a mad woman.
I have no idea what is going to happen this time around so I just have to remember what I read the other day " If God brought you to it he will bring you through it"
I called the Dr. 's office the next day and they immediately began blood work, progesterone, and baby aspirin.
I have another appointment on Monday for blood work to make sure the numbers are increasing like they are suppose to.
I'm a little anxious but I'm trying to think that I'm not pregnant and believe it or not it has helped so far.
I think once I see a heartbeat I can be at peace and relax a little.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hope's 2nd Birthday in Heaven!

So my baby Hope has been in Heave for two years now and I miss my first love so much!! I can not believe that two years later not only we lost Hope, our son Luke and baby Faith two months ago. I am so happy that my babies are in heaven with the Lord and they are being God's little warriors.
I am heart broken for James and I since we are the parents of three angels and we have no living children. I know that having a baby here on earth replaces ANY of our babies in heaven.
All James and I want is to have the joy of having a baby without adding more angels in heaven. I was feeling sad Sunday morning because I was thinking of Hope and weather it was a boy or a girl, and who did he/she looks like, and how long before we meet out little one!
Hope has giving me so many blessings and so much love. This experience has brought heart ache and Joy all at once.

Happy belated Heavenly Birthday my precious child !