Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Luke's 1st birthday in heaven!

So Luke's birthday was last Tuesday July 26 and even tough I was anticipating the day it turned out to be so awesome!

We started our morning by picking up Elmo cup cakes and flowers to celebrate. We fidget went to the Methodist Hospital to my OBGYN office to drop off some of the boxes I made. We delivered 20 Hope's Butterfly Kisses boxed and cup cakes for the staff.

From there we headed to TRH where Luke was born and delivered the rest of the boxes and cup cakes for his nurses. Sadly we didn't get to see any of our nurses but it was worth going. The nurses that received the boxes were very happy that I brought them oh and happy about the cup cakes...lol

After all that running we had a service for our son and it was so beautiful. My family and friends from MEND were there. I did not cry the whole day. I was more happy for all the blessings We have received through Luke's life. Luke did not live in this earthly life but he has impacted so many lives that is hard to comprehend.

I was very thankful for having such a great 1st birthday heaven for Luke.