Thursday, February 14, 2013

31st Birthday!

Birthdays are usually anticipated by most people when we are very young and dreaded by other as we grow old. Birthdays form me have always been simple and fun. My birthdays are always surrounded by family.

This year was not the exception! But it was the BEST birthday I ever had. It was not the best because I got many gifts, or got tons of cash, or has a huge surprise party. It was the best because I woke up to this...

This was a reminder of why I love my husband so much and is not because what's in that box but because how thoughtful he is and has always been. He makes me feel so loved, so wanted, and so happy. He is not the only reason why this birthday was the best. Emma Grace is another huge reason why my birthday was the best.

Emma arrived to my life 7 months ago and as I see her very day I still can't believe she is here! Emma is the rainbow after our huge storm. Emma is the silver lining the cloud that we had been waiting for. She makes me so happy. She makes me feel so much more in love with her daddy. Emma is a reminder of the love that God has for us. She is also a reminder of how thankful I am to be her mother.

I still remember the day she was born. As I push that one last time I heard the doctor say "she is here"  I was waiting to hear her cry but all I recall is James say "Praise God!" Over and over again.  I saw the doctor hold Emma close to me and asking James if he wanted to cut her unbiblical cord and seeing him do it. As I was witnessing all of this there was no instant emotion until Emma was place in my arms. In that moment I cried, sob, and smiled all at the same time.

It was almost three years after we lost Hope that precious Emma came to our lives and although the pain of loosing our first three little angels I am so happy and thankful for our baby girl that I think I would do it all over gain. This does not mean that I will forget our to babies lost through miscarriage or our son Luke. It just means that even tough I have no idea why God chose me to be the mother of three angels I am more than honored and privileged to have carried them physically for short time but will forever hold them in my heart.

It is amazing to see my parents love on Emma. It is almost like Emma gets grandparents, parents, and uncle love times four. I know she defiantly gets is from me. I am a big loving person and I get it from my momma.

I'm a blessed 31 year old mother of four, a daughter, sister and friend. I'm lucky to have the husband I do, the parents I have, family and friends. Today I got tons of birthday balloons at work and its funny they still make me happy on birthdays and its funnier to see these balloons my girl smile really big :)

Cheers to many more happy Birthdays to come!